Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
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Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Transportation Studies
Transportation constitutes a fundamental factor in the economy and growth in every city. The effectivness of the highway system helps to define the city competence in different levels of accessibility (local, regional, national, international).

INGENIERIA CSYA carries out studies of transportation taking into account the traffic variables, resources availability, environment consideration, and public policies related, to recognize needs and competencies detected, developing acqurate solutions.

We apply computer tools for simulation that allow to evaluate different project alternatives in the integral planning of the urban transit.

 Alternatives of study:

  • Integral Development of Transportation
  • Operative Infrastructure planning and Analysis of Road Networks
  • Operative Infrastructure Planning and Analysis of Parking issues
  • Research and Needs Evaluation by type of Means of Transportation
  • Environmental Infrastructure analysis and Evaluation of Transportation
  • Analysis and Economic and Financial Evaluation of Infrastructure of Transportation
  • Four steps models. Matrix estimation. Assignment models. Models updating. CUBE software.
  • Passenger and revenue forecasting.
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At the moment INGENIERIA CSYA is developing the following works and projects
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